We're a full-service, socially responsible event company. We take care of all the event logistics and create an unforgettable interactive live performance.


Nonprofit Fundraisers

Fundraisers have a stigma of being obligations that lack excitement. Philanthropy shouldn't feel like a burden. We work with difference-making nonprofit organizations to create unique, engaging and shockingly FUN fundraising experiences. Strategic partnerships with for-profit sponsors minimize the cost of event planning while expanding the network of fundraisers and reaching new donor bases.

Employee Engagement Events (Corporate/Association/Trade Show Events)

Companies are always looking for solutions to entertain and engage staff and shareholders. Don’t waste time and money on the same old happy hour or catered dance party. We create a memorable experience that promotes brand good will, lively competition and camaraderie amongst employees, and helps fulfill corporate social responsibility needs. You'll laugh, dance and do some good for your community at the same time.