We B-E-E So Grateful!

Thank you,

T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U 

Thank you!

What an absolute BLAST we had on Friday night! We cannot fully express our overwhelming gratitude and love for all of you that came out, participated, cheered and heckled with genuine joy and excitement. Over 200 people packed the house and created an atmosphere that felt more like a rocking concert than a spelling bee. Our faces are hurting from all the smiles and laughs you gave us.

And speaking of giving, your contributions (whether or not you made it to the party) raised over $14,000 for Blue EngineFourteen THOUSAND!  Simply amazing.

A big congratulations to our now 2-time champion, Mr. John McClain, who took home a beautiful trophy and annual memberships to the MoMA and Guggenheim museums. Once again, we had to spitfire some of the most difficult to spell words in the English language to crown a winner. Better start studying now if you plan on making a run at this champ next time!

Here's to all the big brained spellers, dauntless dunces, and huge hearted philanthropists that made Friday such a special night. Thank you for being part of We B-E-E Spelling and supporting the hard work and dedication of the folks at Blue Engine.


Much Love,

Alex and Andrew

We B-E-E Spelling